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Where we breed TICA registed, pure bred, hand-raised, golden, fully rosetted Bengal kittens.

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Bella Luna as a Bengal Kitten

We are a Kansas Bengal breeder specializing in brown rosetted kittens with golden glittering. Our kittens are raised in our home along with our children so that the kittens will be well socialized. We focus not only on outstanding coats, but build and 'type'. When we started breeding Bengals, we selected our breeders from excellent and champion bloodlines. To produce the best, you must start with the best...and so we began.

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About Us

About BengalWylde


BengalWylde is a Midwestern Cattery located in South Central Kansas, near Wichita. I have always loved cats and had them as pets. My husband, however is allergic to cats and preferred dogs as pets. Our difficulty ended when we discovered the Bengal. I was first attracted to Bengals because of their exotic look and started studying them further. I soon found out that due to the Bengal pelt, many allergy sufferers find that they are not irritated by the Bengal fur the way they may be by the more common variety domestic cat. After a lot of research and discussions with breeders we decided to give the Bengal a try and found that not only did Bengals not affect my husband's allergies, Bengals display some rather dog-like qualities.

Jean Mill and Supreme Grand Champion Megabyte

Bengal cat breeders Wichita Kansas

In 2007, after two years of research, we knew we wanted to breed Bengals, but only if we felt we could better the Bengal breed. To do so, we knew that we must start out with the very best bloodlines...That led us directly to Jean Mill. Jean is the founder of the Bengal breed and she began a journey with the Asian Leopard Cat in the 1960's that led to the incredible Bengals you see today! After visiting with Jean about our goal, she recommened we start with Aslan, son of Supreme Grand Champion, Megabyte for our first male. We continued to search for the excellent traits and bloodlines that we felt would promote the ALC type in the offspring.

Family Friendly

Bengal kittens for sale Wichita Kansas

Our kittens are raised in a family friendly environment along with all four of our children. We added Bengals to our family which includes a 17 year old son, a 15 year old daughter, a 7 year old daughter, and last but not least a 5 year old daughter. As you can see by the picture these kittens are given lots of love and attention.