Happy Homes



Aslan and Cleo live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma now.  They love to hang out on the sun porch. Aslan is very interested in water especially the outdoor fountain and the shower. He loves to carry on a conversation and answers back every time. Cleo is not as vocal and will interact on her terms but come bedtime, she will cuddle. She is the boss even though she is smaller. She loves the feather toys and you can see the instinct to hunt come out.



She growls at Aslan as she slinks away with the feathers in her mouth. They love to play and sleep with their sister Coco, the dachshund. They like to sit high up in their kitty gym. They walk on their leashes at Petsmart every Saturday, shopping for toys and treats, although Aslan enjoys it more than Cleo. She would rather sit in the cart with Coco.

Aslan, Cleo and Coco


Christmas 2011   Aslan and Cleo are wonderful cats.  They still wake up around four every morning and tear through the house playing.  Aslan is a big boy and Cleo stays slim and trim although they both eat like tigers. : )  -- Aslan still visits Petsmart occasionally and Cleo loves the back porch to watch the chickens  in the yard.   Thank you again for letting us have them.  Merry Christmas.

Tig and Jax


Tig and Jax live in Fort Riley, Ks now.  

Just thought I would send you a pic of Jax and Tig together.......They are doing great, and their personalities have really come out.  Jax still is the boss around the house well he thinks so anyway.



Lilly lives in Great Bend, Kansas.   Susan, just wanted to let u know all I can say is "WOW" she becomes more beautiful each day. Lillys coat is literally covered in sparkles!!! The centers of her rosettes are  a deep mahogany color outline by jet black. She follows us everywhere in the house and believe it or not is quite the cuddle bug. She also loves to play fetch and we play this most everyday. We have started clicker training and im really suprised how fast she learns.  Since the moment she arrived she has used her litter box without fail, uses her scratching posts, and has brought love, laughter, and the softest fur i have have ever felt into our home. We could not be happier!



Artemis lives in Norman, Oklahoma.   Artemis knows her name now and comes when we call her.  She also learned how to fetch! I couldn't believe it! Now she does it a lot, but she learned it really quickly!  She's climbing and jumping higher now, and she's really got a great personality.Most of the time she goes to sleep when we do and snuggles next to me all night.

Arya and Nymeria


Arya and Nymeria live in Mission Kansas.   They are doing very well and growing so fast. I'm so glad I got the pair of them, they are always playing together.



Sheba lives in Gresham, Oregon.  Thank you so much for the wonderful kitten. She is fitting right in to the family. She has been so much fun, I love to be able to show her off.